These works are unconnected landscapes in which visions come through a crystal ball.

The ball shows the fantasy of creating a new world. In this virtual world humanity seems to have disappeared. Where do these visions come from?

Enzo Luciano (b. 1989) Argentina. After studying visual arts and cinema, Enzo has shown his work in many collective and duo shows. Currently he works with 3d animation, painting and explores what happens between the digital and the physical, following the track of the 3d animations with his paintings. Enzo works in PM Art Gallery, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vic West is in the process of exploring painting as a time-based medium, experimenting with sound and digital manipulation. Vic uses this classic medium to work with the ideas of the future of experience. Just like text, image language like painting has adapted to every time in history. Just like binary code, which stays the same despite progress in computing technology. This image language connects human experience in the past and the future. Perhaps even past the point where it is unclear what or who is experiencing things, in a post-human scenario. Image language intuitively created as Vic works are, like in dreams, reaches into the unknown and the unsayable. Into an imaginary future, playing around with it, thinking with it. The results are unclear and up to interpretation, even to the creator. Like a dreamer wondering what their dreams mean. 

Vic West (1993) is a Swedish visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They currently attend The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Visual Arts (2016-ongoing) studying their second year at the Masters Program.