Episode 1

where we test out entry level podcasting skills and transform an artist talk/chat into a somewhat coherent conversation. This was recorded during an Art Additive event in Space A, Spazju Kreattiv during Object, Objetc, Objecc (by Letta Shtohryn, Liza Eurich and Katri Kempas) exhibition in June 2019. The conversation was on Games in Art and Games as Art with Letta Shtohryn and Josef Florian Micallef and Andrew Pace.  

Episode 2
Conversation on art in public space, myth and storytelling between Letta Shtohryn, Margerita Pulè and Bettina Hutschek, who is founder of Fragmenta Malta and independent artist.

Episode 3
Letta Shtohryn (WDWDN) and Margerita Pulè (unfinishedartspace.org) speak with Doreen Rios (MX) about her curatorial practice, creation of digital platform Antimateria (anti-materia.org). They talk about digital spaces, space for digital, neomaterialities, Mexico's art spaces and communities as well as social media spectrum. whatdowedonow.xyz anti-materia.org unfinishedartspace.org

Episode.. (more episodes will appear soon, we are currently on a mini hiatus)