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We get to have out-of-body adventures in cyberspace, but this body is what we come home to.

We have blood
Public Emotions

We Have Blood: is about the vanishing humanistic qualities in the recent and current world. The loss of tangibility – the loss of skin and feeling. Even in a metallic advancing world, It is blood that ties us all together. So let’s not forget – We Have Blood.”

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“Public Emotions – I Feel Nothing: is about my visions of a post future era, where humans have become emotionless machines due to technological advancements, resulting in a decline of human interaction, where we have become so abstract and hollow, like spherical shapes with personal poetic messages such as “I feel nothing” – a silent abstract call that’s reaching out for interaction in a vanishing world.”

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Vitória Cribb
Command Prompt

How uncomfortable is it to realize that new technology products can gain awareness? It is noticed that the lack of ethics in the relationship between human beings and future robots is a constant and great concern in today’s society. The idea that artificial intelligence can evolve, learn on their own, and even gain awareness dazzles the human imagination and exposes who is the pitying and caring protagonist in this situation.  The greatest concern and reflection on these digital bodies concerns precisely the abuse, exploitation of various natures and disposal of these bodies by human beings.

 But the big question, I would say urgently, is that black bodies in Western society are exploited and discarded daily and there is no commotion about this barbarism. Following the world order, black and poor bodies will in the near future be in a position of vulnerability as the world interacts with holograms and robots and learn new languages and behaviours to fit the new ones they create.If we continue to follow the order, in the present future robots and digital products will be more important than me, you and us, those lyrical ones of colour.

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