Zander Porter
MoundGrove Modulation
(text by Ashkan Sepahvand)

MountGrove is a quantum, intra-psychic environment where post-work and post-body imaginaries conflate as a feeling, an atmosphere, and a rendered world. Our techno-devices are hollow, their presence ethereal, and their relevance amusing, ironic, or even uplifting. Literally, we are lifted up by them; softly floating surveillance cameras are our new standing blocks for slow techno dancing. Water rises but poses no mortal threat. Excerpts from writings When the body seems destined to experimentation and Everything I know about technocapitalism, I learned at Berghain by Ashkan Sepahvand are vocalized into and as MountGrove, a forever in-progress rendering. A distorted affect conjured by the human voice saturates an otherwise posthuman, post-physical landscape, where sociality and sexuality are pictured as interspecies-alien and extra-human.


HD video / 09:11 min
Trailer below / 02:12 min

Squeeze me_5

The video is inspired by online subcultures, digital consumption, and the compulsive need to satiate ourselves. The narrator of this video is a cheeky, seductive, demanding and squishy red oozing blob who tempts you to give in to your senses and squeeze them. The video playfully explores the need for instantaneous sensual gratification that has been heightened through our compulsive digital consumption of content and takes inspiration from pop-up advertising, click-bait, porn, and ASMR; all of which directly target our senses.

HD video / 12:00 min
Trailer below / 02:12 min

Sandra Araujo 
G⃝, G⃝I,G⃝II

digital engagement through search & engine tool as an extension of human relations

HD video x 3 / 1:00 min each

Charlene Gales
No one new in your area

It is frustrating when the user on ‘Tinder’ runs out of swipes made of profile images that are meant to get your attention and to match your luck. But there must always be someone new soon to feed on your swiping addiction, matching your ego or leave you hanging with a ghosting attitude. But which luck? Love, sex, connection or attention. What happens when the message of what you are looking for is not communicated clear? What happens when the connection is digital based on being attracted or curious about a picture you have just looked at. What happens when there is so much choice, so many numbers of likes super likes and matches just sitting on your phone screen? Would you call this feeding or draining your energy? Like an adrenaline shot all over your body, you get excited when the picture you just matched withsays Hey but instantly gets run down when you reply and nothing else happens anymore. And you keep swiping hoping that the next match says ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’ or “Hello’ again but then is let down once more and the cycle keeps on going.

HD video 16:00 min

No one new in your area _ still
No one new in your area _ still
No one new in your area _ still
No one new in your area _ still